Update – Shoreline Project, Bowmore, Islay



Since our last update on the Shoreline Project at Bowmore, Islay, in September 2014, progress on site has been good. All the buildings are in place with roofs and windows fitted. The form of the development can be clearly seen already – a street with an urban character, reflecting the local context at Bowmore’s historic planned village.

The view down the street shows Loch Indaal in the distance, across the High School playing fields and the north western part of the Shoreline site. The next phase of the development, which is at the design stage, will keep this view open. Bowmore is well connected to its surrounding landscape and the Shoreline development aims to consolidate that attractive character.


There’s an interesting pattern of pitched roofs emerging, with the development integrating neatly with the Bowmore Distillery bonds, just across the street. Once the white rendered wall finish is completed the houses should sit comfortably alongside these historic structures.

The houses are a little exposed in the wider landscape at the moment but as the development proceeds it will connect the buildings, spaces and routes at the dishevelled, unplanned western edge of Bowmore.


Promoted by Islay Estates Company, the project will deliver around 150 houses, employment opportunities and a mix of other uses. This first phase of 20 affordable homes is funded by Argyll & Bute Council and the Scottish Government. The houses will be owned and managed by ACHA – Argyll Community Housing Association.

Another update soon…..